February 20: Outpouring of solidarity for BAmazon Union from coast to coast!

Tell Amazon: Stop Union-Busting in Alabama

Amazon is doing everything it can to stop the union, the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, from winning. Amazon is holding mandatory closed-door, captive-audience meetings during which managers spread lies about the benefits of unionizing. Amazon is posting misinformation about unions in bathrooms, break rooms and across the internet. Workers face growing intimidation for defending their rights to demand a union contract.

Join the growing movement in solidarity with Bessemer Amazon workers as we demand:

  • Amazon: Stop all forms of union-busting at Bessemer! No intimidation, no lies, no retaliation!
  • No mandatory anti-union meetings! No firing of pro-union Amazon and Whole Foods workers anywhere; in Bessemer, the U.S., or across the world!

Powerful Organizing Call Builds Towards February 20 Day of Action

Several hundred people from coast to coast (along with others from countries around the world) joined our February 12 organizing call to hear from the frontlines of the struggle in Bessemer and to share solidarity and updates on actions they are planning on February 20.

If you missed the meeting, you can watch it in it’s entirety in the video included here. On to build February 20 and mobilize solidarity with the historic campaign being led by Bessemer workers to organize Amazon!

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